Drama Soc’s Papaya gets Slashed

A bird's eye view of two papayas cut in half against a white background.

UCL Drama Soc left the Fringe with a bloody nose after The Scotsman, that most beloved of Scottish-radical-rags, deposited a steaming pile of spicy invective on Papaya, the society’s productional centrepiece for this year. Slapped with a risible two-star review, Papaya was derided as a ‘mishmash’ of ‘uncertain performances and unconvincing dialogue’, leading Papaya (the fine theatrical jaunt’s namesake) to stare off into space. Honey, Soc Bitch can relate. Nonetheless, one can predict with near-total certainty that, despite this most vicious of reviews, Drama Soc will return to Edinburgh next year, dazed, myopic, and amnesic. Certainly not the kind of drama with which Soc Bitch wishes to be associated.

Back in London, pandemonium ensued at the first Sportsnite of the year, when the Carlsberg tap ran dry in Mully’s. One devastated fresher forced his way through the tumultuous rattle to the front of the queue, only to find his beloved snakebite off the cards. Downhearted, he opted for water. Soc Bitch is pleased to see the Quaker contingent within team sports growing ever stronger.

This article appeared in CG Issue 62