Honorary Life Membership to The Cheese Grater requires two or more years of outstanding contribution to the publication, going above and beyond one’s position and consistently embodying its ethos and beliefs. The magazine could not have achieved what it has without the efforts of those listed below:

Colette Allen
Hugh Bassett
John Bell
Alex ‘Daish’ Daish
Alex Diamond
James Donaldson-Briggs
Bo Franklin
Adam Gillett
Rosie Halsall
Charlie Hayton
Hannah Hudson
Jenni Hulse
Ross Humphreys
Beatrice Kelly
René Lavanchy
P. K. Maguire
A.Z. McKenna
Marina Merryweather
Ben Munster
Jess Murray
Jason Murugesu
Kate ‘Scary Boots’ Oliver
Will Orton
Ollie Phelan
George Potts
Christina Ravinet
Mark Ravinet
Jack Redfern
Thom Rhoades
Will Rowland
Tara Sarangi
Anna Saunders
Hannah Sketchley
Tim Smith
Gareth Spencer
Sam Steddy
Huw Steer
Harry Stopes
Oscar Webb