About The Cheese Grater Magazine.

Our history, what we do, and who we are.

The magazine is an award winning investigative and satirical publication that is also home to our award winning sketch group and sister feminist zine publication, Women’s Wrongs. We’re an alternative publication for those who wish to read something intelligent, witty and biting. 

The magazine was most recently named ‘Best Student Publication in London’ for its investigative journalism by the Student Publication Association in 2022. We have also previously won The Guardian’s best budget student publication alongside the now tedious UCL accolades.

The Cheese Grater is 'a diamond in a sea of shit.'
Gordon Thompson
Timed Out London, Former Editor-in-Chief

The magazine was formed when former UCL Student René Lavanchy became increasingly discomforted with the production values of fellow UCL Students’ Union publication Pi Media. Lavanchy felt the publication was sucking up to UCL and the administration at a time when regulations prevented serious criticism of the Union itself. 

The Committee

Zhenya Robinson

Mads Brown
Co Editor-in-Chief

Rebekah Wright
Investigations Editor

Anna Maria Papaoikonomou
Co Zine Editor

Vicky Haefliger Bueno
Welfare Officer

Ben Scanlan
Sketch Director

Tess Haddad Meerson
Graphics Editor

Benedict Ward

Robert Delaney
Co Editor-in-Chief

Izzie Moull
Humour and Satire Editor 

Katherine Marlow
Co Zine Editor

Lily Park
Socials and Community Secretary

Hia Sadho
Online Editor