The Sun Shines on Small-Boat-Bashing UCL Tories

UCL and KCL Tory Socs announced a new “Port and Policy” event this week with the motions for debate being: “This house would invade Yemen” and “This house would sink the boats”. How low can you go!

In fact it was such a bad look that The Sun, The Telegraph, a Labour Shadow Minister, and the Tory Party themselves had a go at them. God, you have to know you’ve cocked up when even The Sun is slamming you for being too hard on immigrants.

The original post has since been deleted after the Conservative Party asked the wannabe migrant murderers to cancel the event, and the society has released a statement saying nobody was “seriously suggesting sinking the boats” because what Tory would agree with that?!

Things aren’t going ‘swimmingly’ with the president either. Rumour has it that CCHQ wants to meet him in person, and that they may want him to step down. Nevertheless, London University Tories say they’re conducting a full investigation into it all.  I’ve got a sinking feeling about this!

This ‘Port and Policy’ certainly isn’t the only controversial one either! Full ‘Bitch Report’ in progress!