Get Involved

Fancy getting involved with any of the things we do? No prior experience is needed, just enthusiasm. Step one is to click the “membership” button. Step two is to follow our Instagram, @uclcheesegrater, where you can get all the latest updates and where we announce the time and place for each meeting. Each part of the society works a little differently. Here’s how you can get involved:


The team meets every Monday at 6pm to discuss all the stories we’re investigating. We only publish investigations that have gone through this editorial; if you want your article in the magazine or just want to see what we do, then get yourself down to the meetings.

If you want to submit some gossip, news or be the next Edward Snowden, send any tip offs to the investigations editor at


Meetings are on Tuesdays at 6pm. All submissions are sent to and then read out anonymously. Then we talk about each article, suggest edits and workshop new ideas. After that, we would head to the pub. Again, we only publish articles that have been submitted in this way. The best way to start writing with us it to come along and get involved.

UCL Graters

Sketch meetings are every Wednesday at 6pm, bring any sketch ideas you’ve got with you or send them to and we’ll read through and edit them with the group. We also workshop ideas, perform sketches and generally talk comedy. Absolutely no experience is required and the best way to get it is to come along and prat around with us.


Meetings are Thursdays at 6pm. Meetings are highly collaborative but no experience is required. Come along to the meetings to help create content, come up with new ideas and put the zine together. Send any ideas/question to