More than hearts were stolen this V-Day…

Valentine’s Day was a real treat for Soc bitch this year. Honestly, any V-Day would have been better than last year in which I tangoed with COVID, but this one was especially nice because I felt overcome by relief. Pi Media and The Cheese Grater had been uncharacteristically working together on a rather serious project, but of course this fell apart when Pi discovered they had to do some actual writing. Soc Bitch’s annual masked ball would have been a fucking nightmare if she had to pity-invite Pi.

There’s been a robbery, and no, I’m not referring to the hundreds of you who are stealing from yourselves by not using Yoyo at SU bars and cafes. UCL’s beloved student radio society, Rare FM, have had their studio ransacked. In what was aptly described as a “targeted job”, some villainous soul who hates wannabe Greg Jameses smashed the glass and stole both their Compact Disc Jockeys (CDJs). The worst part is people around the globe were unable to hear the news because Rare’s current affairs shows were nowhere to be heard. Fortunately, they’ve put in CCTV so nobody will ever try this sort of escapade again.

I have no idea who stole the audio equipment. Separately, my podcasting career has really taken off in recent weeks. Segments of my show include The Soc Bitch Stitch (where I describe how to embroider Bentham’s face) and Life of Pi (where I discuss the numerous ways in which I prefer Bengal tigers to Pi Media).

This piece appeared in CG Issue 81