Santa Claus is coming to town and believe me I hate all that festive joy crap. I promise I’m not going to whine about Bojo again. It just seems that Soc Bitch has stepped into a parallel universe where reality is a Christmas Hallmark film and COVID is happy to ‘cool it’ for a week so I can eat mince pies with my Gran. This surely is the happy ending that a mask-wearing city girl like me deserves.

We’re not all burdened by that sweet hand sanitiser lifestyle – following recent events it seems Tamil Society completely forgot that coronavirus exists. Freshers keen to have in person sports trials asked Tamil Soc for them during a national lockdown and surprisingly it turned out Tamil Soc had no choice in that matter and just had to make it happen. Damn – if only they were responsible for their actions. After a different set of freshers reported them to the Union, Tamil Soc have now been disaffiliated for a whopping 18 months. We live in truly tragic times when fresher grasses on fresher; when societies are not given the freedom to follow every single suggestion that comes their way, no matter how stupid the suggestion is. A lot of freshers have asked Soc Bitch to come to their houses and seductively grate cheese for them. But sadly, since surely freshers will tell on me in these dark dark times, you’ll have to just stick to my OnlyFans.