Soc Bitch is pleased to report that The Cheese Grater has once again stirred enough shit to be able to bitch about itself again.

Oh hallelujah! Christmas comes but twice a year! Not only did we entirely fuck up the online elections again, and then cause Coronavirus as a means of getting out of said pickle, but we have started beefing with the holy lord Jesus Christ amen. The story goes that this fair society’s last Grater’s show was given a WHOLLY BLASPHEMOUS title.

Jesus Christ Superslut not only guaranteed th`e eternal damnation of all of CG’s committee (present company included) but also caused a ruckus amongst humourless god-bothers. Not satisfied with bothering god, someone also went down to SUUCL and bothered Carl about the tactless nature of our title, who in turn bothered us, to which we replied ‘am I bovered?’.

No but seriously, sincere apologies to all offended parties and to Jesus himself. Please spite us with no more plagues Mr Jesus, we will behave – you have Soc Bitch’s word.