Vaguely Finance-related Society Name Generator, On Sale NOW!

Want to work in finance but need to spruce up your CV? Ever heard the term ‘spring week’, given it a Google, and seen fireworks appear as you realised your dream role is in a large corporation just waiting to be bailed out in the next financial crash? Is the only thing you still need to get through the gates of hell a sweet committee position in a finance society?

Well boy do we have you covered!

While Asset Management Society is the latest in a long list of finance clubs UCL has to offer,

committee positions are snapping up faster than you can say “moral hazard”. The solution? Make that list even longer by creating your own finance society! For just £125, you can have one spin of our finance-related society name generator, to give you the final push towards putting ‘President’ on your cover letter.

Here’s some of the generator’s work (all names available for purchase):

  • Suits, boots and wealthy roots society
  • Sleep deprivation preparation society
  • Money, money, money society (ABBA may sue)
  • “Adderall: the new cocaine” society
  • Homophobia society (reserved by EFS)


Email for any enquiries.

Future employment not guaranteed. Misplaced sense of entitlement definitely guaranteed.