Men’s Rugby has been disaffiliated

It is with no small amount of schadenfreude that Soc Bitch can announce that UCL Men’s Rugby has been disaffiliated from Students’ Union UCL.

It’s been a trying year for our purple-bleeding lads. After their memorial for feminist icon Hugh Hefner was cancelled, and their Very Respectful attempts at cultural diplomacy went awry, the club was put on probation for racist chants and harassment of female hockey players on the Loop bus.

The Union gave them an ultimatum: one more strike and they were out. But it’s like they couldn’t help themselves. The committee made plans to run an initiation ceremony (banned at UCL since 2007). But three days ago, after being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (common practice for rugby lads, apparently), someone made a complaint to the Union and the die was cast. Men’s Rugby is no more.

It was fun while it lasted, boys. xoxo