UCL Men’s Rugby Encourage “Oriental Attire” For Tonight’s Chinese New Year Celebrations

Though their Hugh Hefner memorial back in October didn’t go to plan, Soc Bitch wishes Men’s Rugby all the luck in celebrating Chinese New Year tonight.

The Facebook event for tonight’s festivities begins by saying “the best Eastern celebration of 2018 is upon us and fittingly it is the year of the dog.”

Oh ffs.

Soc Bitch continues to be impressed by how stupid Men’s Rugby is.

The description then tells party-goers that they will celebrate the night “by draping our notorious abode in rouge and other far-eastern ornaments”.

We challenge any member of Men’s Rugby to name three “other far-eastern ornaments”.

In a handful of trying to be self-aware, but lame white boy jokes, the event promises “firecrackers, lanterns and poppadoms” and ends with “Konnichiwa”.

You can’t make this stuff up.

A bouncer has even been hired for the night, and Men’s Rugby have said they will enforce a “one child policy only.” THEY ARE ALL CHILDREN.

A member of Men’s Rugby later posted in the event saying “oriental attire and rogue behaviour are both highly encouraged.”

This is what excessive Loop does to the brain kids.

In a show of how highly the society respects Chinese tradition, the party is being held at none other than the President of Men’s Rugby’s home. Men’s Rugby to win UCL’s most diverse award 2018?

Anyways, have a great night boys. We can’t wait for the pictures x