UCL Netball & Rugby host Playboy memorial for Hugh Hefner

In honour of the death of his majesty and fabulous lord Hugh Hefner (their words, not mine), UCL Netball are putting their best foot forward and helping womankind end the patriarchy by dressing up as playboy bunnies for their social tomorrow night with, yes, you guessed it, UCL Men’s Rugby.

The event’s tagline stating ‘No slutty bunnies please’ makes evident that:

  1. They have their priorities in order
  2. They’re doing their best for equality
  3. There ain’t no slut-shaming on their agenda. 

Soc Bitch can completely understand the need to mourn Hefner’s death. He was the legend who housed a bunch of vulnerable girls who were expected to pander to his every need (sexual or otherwise).

The Facebook event even includes the photo-shopped pictures of the social secs’ faces onto chesty bunnies, enveloped in the dastardly arms of an 80-year-old man. It’s just the tip of the old you-know-what.

Luckily we know that Men’s Rugby always treat women with the utmost respect. (See all previous issues of The Cheese Grater Magazine).

UPDATE: https://cheesegratermagazine.org/2017/11/03/netball-rugby-social-update/