The Cheese Grater can exclusively reveal that purchases made under £5 at Union bars and cafes will no longer be subject to card surcharges. The change will take effect next Tuesday on the 1st of August.

Alex Mckee, the new Students’ Union UCL Senior Manager, explained that the decision was made as he believed “there was no real justification for a card charge in 2017”.

Mckee also pointed out that the original 15p card charge did not even cover the costs of the card transaction fee. Mckee did admit that there would be a small reduction in income but that it was “just the price of doing business.”

However before we all start cheering the Union, it should be noted that the Treasury had already announced plans to ban all card surcharges from January next year.

But hey who’s complaining? If you’re like us and think cash is so 2002, we have five additional months of discounted pints, coffees and more pints to look forward to.