Issue 42 - February 2014

Midsummer Merger

UCL set to gobble up Institute of Education; Institute staff fearful for their jobs; University of London 'slowly dying'.

Down Your Union

All the bad things that happened while you were drunk.

2034: A Planned Odyssey

Hello, UCL. Do you read me, UCL?

Academics Concerned over College Democracy

Mr. Chatterbox investigates growing concerns about the way the Academic Board is governed by Provost Michael Arthur.


Chessum Installs Panic Room Amid ULU Assassination Fears

Michael Chessum fears the people may already own the means to execution.

The Adventures of Oscar Webb, Boy Reporter (Age 22 ¾)

Things had been rough for lil' Oscar.

Life Beyond the M25

An attractive gazelle is frolicking through the fields of joy, sniffing cocaine through a straw.

Cheese Grater Has Fun

Leonid Slutsky loves to party!

Student Activities Officer