Although there have been many a correlation throughout my silly little life, such as that between how much coffee I drink in the morning and how much I will hate everyone for the rest of the day, there is one which distinctly stands out: my life – and society – going downhill since the Group of Students Traveling to Bath and Stonehenge stopped emailing me.

Indeed, I like to mentally divide my time at UCL into two different sections: pre-emails about the trips to Bath and Stonehenge, and post-emails about Bath and Stonehenge. Sometimes, when I am staring into space, I indulge myself in a wondering of their whereabouts. It may be easy to think half of them are now permanently living in Bath and the other underneath the Stones of the Henge, but my personal view is that such a solid group would stick together. Perhaps they spend half of their year taking baths in Bath, and the other half Hingeing underneath the stones. Or perhaps – and this, for me, seems the more likely solution – they were not mere humans like us #UCLovers, but traveling spirits of another realm who have now gone to conquer another university. Maybe #UCLouvain. *


I shall end this piece with an ode:

O Group of Students Traveling to Bath and Stonehenge, Group of Students Traveling to Bath and Stonehenge, wherefore art thou, Group of Students Traveling to Bath and Stonehenge?

Deny thy disappearance and swear to return,

Or if thou wilt not, but be sworn my ceaseless wonders of your whereabouts,

And I’ll no longer be a Directioner (for I am directionless without you).

This piece appeared in CG Issue 82