Soc Bitch continues to school the Education Officer

Hey you cool cats and kittens – you better get your napkins ready because Soc Bitch is about to spill the tea. We were all pretty outraged by Ayman, the current education officer, posting his campaign on the Student Union Instagram without a platform to his running mates.

In this Soc Bitch exclusive we are bringing you the aftermath. Once this debacle was brought to the SU’s attention, and since it is very against election policy AND DEMOCRACY, Ayman was very generously only given a 12 hour ban from campaigning. This meant no new posts from the beginning of this period and his account had to be made private (ugh who even has a public account these days). But Ayman kept up all his stories and the voting link to his 700 followers.

Begrudgingly it seemed, the Union had to be a tiny bit stricter to one of their own, and so the ban was boosted to 24 hours which ended at 2pm today. The Union fairly explained that any further violation on top of the streaming myriad of violations would result in a ban from the election. Soc Bitch suspects that this translates to a 36 hour ban, but we’ll see. As we all know the Student Union are so incredibly generous and so to equal the playing field they offered Ayman’s running mates a 2 hour slot to promote their campaign on the Instagram too.

So after Ayman’s flashy poster and campaign post on the page, these candidates have been compensated with a flash slot in the Union’s story…amongst the million other things they have posted today. Separate but equal I guess. Soc Bitch may be a bitch but at least she believes in democracy. And we’ve given Ayman more than enough of our platform.

So if you haven’t voted already here is a list of candidates running for Education Officer: Keerat Singh, Gigi Vinod, Ron.