Education officer gets schooled by Soc Bitch

Last night, during a daily I-hate-my-life scroll through Instagram, Soc Bitch came upon a post that shocked her to her core!

It seemed that Ayman, the current Education Officer, had used the Student Union account to promote his own campaign for re-election in next week’s Leadership Race. The post, which consisted of a shiny campaign poster and a snazzy little promotional caption, had been exclusively placed in front of the page’s 13.6k followers, an opportunity that Ayman seemed to have forgotten to give to his competitors.

And then the plot thickened; Soc Bitch was astonished to see that after 45 minutes the post was taken down. Soc Bitch’s views were perfectly summarised in a comment from one follower of the account, @walter_schtjens: “You did a great job. But you sure SU social can be used for campaign promo?”.

Walter asks the pertinent questions for democracy – specifically, the Union’s bye-law 10.6.k, which prohibits these shenanigans. Ayman’s poster claimed he will put “the U in UCL”. It seems he also put the U in “unauthorised use of power”. If anyone wants more info, Soc Bitch will be distributing the screen shots to her private mailing list.