Were you fortunate enough to receive one of the #UCLCares keyrings in your fresher’s week? You’ll be thrilled to know that UCL is providing all first-year students with a set of handy ideas on how to look after their mental health at university. See – #UCL really does #care!

1) Sleep

You might have experienced a low mood while studying, and simply put it down to uninspiring lecturers, complete disinterest in your subject, or the crushing weight of all this debt for just 6 contact hours a week. Well, that’s where you’re wrong! These issues will fade into insignificance once you get those crucial 8 hours.

2) Be creative

Cooking might not be an option here if your oven has been broken for three weeks and counting, but no matter! Simply spread some out-of-date butter on a rich tea biscuit and prepare to experience uncontrollable feelings of achievement.

3) Drink water

Keep drinking. Never stop. You won’t have time to worry about your depression if all you can think about is drinking yet another glass of water.

4) Try something new

Never tried hockey? This is where you start. Running onto a soggy pitch with a bunch of strangers will boost your confidence in no time at all, and your instant demotion to the 9th team will give you an opportunity to succeed like you’ve never had before.

5) Most importantly, have fun!

How did we not think of that?

Featured image credit: UCL Digital Media, 2018.

This article appeared in CG Issue 64.