Wow! One magic trick and your locker is protected forever!

Magick Spelles for Everyday Life: Spelle Foure – Protecting Yowre Lockere

Of alle the mystick artes, it is the Charmes of Protection that requyre the moste commitment. To simplie want to protecte youre locker is notte enough: yow muste neede to protecte it. I cannotte advise that this charme is attempted by fledgling MAGICKMAKERS. Onlie those who have obtained a level sevene diploma should turn their eyes to this mystick spelle. Godespeede my young friends, and may the lighte of the angeles shine upon ye.

Step 1: Goeth to thy nearest hardeware shoppe.

Step 2: Buye a smalle padlocke that wille fitte thy locker.

Step 3: Returnest thou to thy locker.

Step 4: Locke thy locke on thy lockere.

Step 5: Rememberest thou thy most secrete padlocke code. Important: do notte under any circumstances tell anyone else thy padlocke code.

And lo! Thy locker is now protected from the forces of eville.

Next week: defrosting your freezer

As chanted to Uri Wizzard Hari