Soc Bitch: Issue 55, Winter 2016

Society Bitch has learnt that despite organising both the Winter Arts Festival AND the Variety Night, Drama Society couldn’t find a single act worthy of entertaining its legions of fans. Instead, the poor audience had to put up with performances from that very worst of sketch groups, The UCL Graters. Far from a one off, it seems like interest in Drama has been waning all term. Their much-hyped monologue slam drew a gigantic audience of three (someone call Wembley!), and there were so few bids of quality for the Term 1 Garage show that the bigwigs almost screened a three-day “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” marathon instead.

These problems seem to be contagious for UCLU arts societies. Even the Culture Club have had their problems, ruining Soc Bitch’s social schedule by failing to organise a Winter Arts Ball this term. Despite it being written in their constitution that they have to hold a ball in December, and despite employing all the arts social secs to scrabble to find a venue, CC failed to find one in time to meet the Union’s 30-days-prior deadline. So much for festivity! Have a happy Christmas everyone – I’m going to spend mine sitting in my unused ball-gown binging on “It’s Always Sunny…”.