Heartbreaking: The Voices In Your Head Just Made A Really Good Point

Nick Miao

In a heartbreaking series of events, the voices in your head have made a really good point, The Cheese Grater can report.
The tragedy began when you decided that things were finally going well and that this was ‘going to work out perfectly’. You
claimed that things had ‘never been better’. Sure, there’d been a few mishaps along the way, but you said that this was going to be
‘different’ and should not be compared with previous experiences.

Unfortunately, your voices had learnt the ways of Ben Shapiro. They told you that you ‘did not have a shred of evidence support-
ing your claims’ and that this all appeared to be little more than yet another case of ‘Delusion’ [sic].

You were shocked by the allegations levelled against you. In particular, it was reported that you cried like a liberal at the use of
the D-word (D*lusion), which ‘should not be used lightly’. You reiterated that things are ‘different’ now, raising a number of
examples that supported your case, but your voices quickly dismissed them as ‘circumstantial’ and ‘hearsay’.
Pushed into a corner, you employed a classic manoeuvre that academics refer to as ‘shutting the voices out’. It was a good move
that bought you some time, but even you had to admit: the voices just made a really good point.