Truss is a (Shit) Show

Izzie Moull

OMFGG guys! She’s gone! I can’t believe she left so soon tho! Like I know Liz wasn’t the most popular but you could just see how much potential she had! I mean we all knew she could be no replacement for Boris but he had run his course. The bookies clearly favoured a ‘Rishi’ era when she took over, but Truss was such a bop tho! Like that cheese clip we got as a teaser when her casting was announced?? Sensational.

The start of this season was so good tooooo. The Queen dying and all the big set pieces were incredible!! It’s such a shame that the rest felt so rushed when they did that so well! Like we normally get more time to develop the issues and themes of each new PM’s era but with Truss’ it was like they wanted to speed run it from the beginning?

I still can’t believe her run was so short. Even Theresa got longer in the role and she wasn’t nearly as interesting! It did kinda feel weird to me the way they decided to pack so much into her run, but then leave all those plot threads untied by the time she went. It wasn’t even stuff you’d expect? Like the ‘pandemic’ plot point was never mentioned despite being like the setting for Boris’ run. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the ‘imminent and total collapse of the British economy’ plot was super interesting and definitely could have been sustained for the typical 3 series run we normally get from a PM (even if those are becoming increasingly rare) but it just didn’t hit quite as well as Covid did in terms of ‘imminent disaster’ factor.

Tbh the whole way Liz left seems kinda odd to me too. Like I found out in a lecture that she was leaving and everyone was just in shock?! And I know a running gag in the show is the U-turns but a U-turn that big seemed really OOC. Like we got it with Kwasi and it was like the epitome of comedic timing done right. But Liz’s? It’s clear the writers wanted to wrap her run up but they seemed to do it quite poorly. Maybe Truss just didn’t want to do it anymore? Like to me at least it seemed that with all that economic talk and ministers resigning they were seriously building up to some big end of era finale like we got at the end of Boris’ run. But maybe they got their funding cut and had to get rid of stuff to bring it to a close earlier than they expected. I think that’s why we weren’t shown the fighting in the commons on screen. It was like they didn’t have enough time or money to put the sets together and get all the extras back for it.

I really did enjoy the speculation about who would be next though! Like with a regeneration you’re never really sure. We were all so certain that it would be Rishi last time and were kinda shocked when we found out about Liz. So obviously I considered a Rishi run this time but I was still kinda surprised when I found out! And who was expecting that Boris could return? Even if it never came to be lol.

It’s insane how mainstream the show is becoming too! There was a guy in my lecture wearing a ‘Ready for Rishi’ t-shirt! And there were posters up around my halls about Liz when she left! Plus, I actually found out Rishi would be the next incarnation through reading people’s laptops following the liveblogging of it in classes! Like it’s crazy how big our community has grown!

As the talk on campus about it seems to have died off a bit now I’m realising I’m kinda scared about the new series? Like if this one was so chaotic I really doubt the next one could be much better? But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. RIP Truss. You deserved better 🙁