An Article that is Not About the Pandemic

Across both mainstream and student publications, all people can talk about is COVID-19. Do they think we don’t notice? They are simply finding new and creative methods to talk about the same thing; making news where there is none. And the extreme, ridiculous and overly convoluted tautology of their words blows everything out of proportion, as they hide behind dramatic phrases with little meaning.

The problem is that articles about COVID-19 are repetitive. We don’t need another article on a cough. If you can’t taste anything, have you tried eating? These articles are so repetitive in fact that you find they aren’t really saying anything new at all – they merely cling to one concept and then stick to it like a limpet. In these unfortunate circumstances, I am therefore extremely privileged to be one of the only journalists at the moment to avoid writing about the pandemic.

So, finally, I would like to bring back the focus of today’s article onto –

This article was cut short due to spacing issues in this month’s publication.