UCL Drama Soc brings Christmas (very) early

As UCL’s lesser fictional gossip-mongers are shutting up shop for Christmas merriment, Soc Bitch works late into the night to bring you great tidings of joyous fuckup in UCL Drama Society…

Drama Soc’s righteously popular New Writing Festival, you have surely noticed, has not materialised this term. Like many others, Soc Bitch had been counting down the days until its scheduled arrival on December 5th at Camden’s illustrious Etcetera Room Above a Pub Theatre. But the week of the event came and went with no peep nor over-designed Instagram post from Drama Soc…

Well as it turns out, Soc bitch was not alone in her overwhelming excitement to see the New Writing Festival. Members of the Drama Soc committee simply couldn’t wait to see the plays! So much so, that they booked the Etcetera two days early, for Dec 3rd, not Dec 5th.

On December 1st the production teams taking part in the Festival were given the choice between doing the play in just two days time, or in January. Always the more fiscally prudent of our beloved performance societies (*cough* Musical Theatre *splutter*), a member of Drama’s committee then threatened anyone not falling into line with the new regime with expulsion from the showcase and no reimbursement for their production costs so far.

If only this love of numbers had manifested itself in not confusing ‘5’ with ‘3′.


This appeared in CG Issue 68