In the Bleak Midwinter: A UCL tale

In the bleak midwinter
The IOE made moan
The building’s slowly crumbling
Like an old grey stone
Concrete is piling up
Block on block
In the bleak midwinter
Built 40 years ago

Brits and foreign students
May have travelled there
Depression and exhaustion
Filled the air
Luckily Kate Middleton
In her royal bliss
Blessed the 70s breeze blocks
As broken heaters hissed.

What can I give student finance?
Poor as I am
If I was a shepherd
I’d have ignored this scam
What will I do now?
After three years of pain
It’s beginning to seem like
I’ve thrown £27,000 down the drain.

Featured image: UCL Digital Media 2018

 This article appeared in CG 65.