Here Are Five Shocking Sexist & Racist Tweets By UCL Professor Who Hosted Eugenics Conference

Some of Professor Thompson's tweets

This morning, London Student published an exposé into the London Conference of Intelligence that has been hosted by UCL for the last four years.

The host of the conference is Professor James Thompson, who according to his LinkedIn is an Honorary Professor at UCL and who was last seen on UCL’s website talking about the psychology of the Chilean miners in 2010. He has also been quoted in the BBC as a UCL Professor on a story about IQ tests. Ah, the irony.

So we thought we’d dig up some of Thompson’s most stupid tweets (all from within the last three years) and make some snarky comments.

Warning: This is maddening.

When your mum won’t let you have potato smilies for tea:

“Men’s brains abigger,” I patiently explain to the surgeon removing the crayons from my ears. “Men’s brains abigger”:

See yer da confused Twitter with his to-do list again:

tfw no girls come to your eugenics social:

The heart-warming story of a man who refuses to let the fact that he has “absolutely no idea” about a topic stop him from lecturing about it:


If you’re stuck in the library like us, we recommend reading the whole thread of some of these tweets.

UCL have a lot to answer for…