Soc Bitch: Issue 56, Spring 2017

After spending all of Dry January craving a drink, Society Bitch was devastated to learn that Culture Club seem to have forgotten all about their promised Winter Arts Ball. Administrative fumbling saw the date for the ball moved from December to January, but now that February is well underway Soc Bitch is beginning to wonder whether she’ll ever have a chance to get her hands on that artsy cultural boy from across the road.

It’s not only Culture Club that’s serving up a big plate of disappointment this term. Our friends over at Pi Media seem to have gone rather quiet on their promise to have six print issues out this year. They have so far only mustered the one issue, back in November 2016. You can still find it around campus (hint: check the bins). However, most of the issues are still packaged up in the media suite, sitting idle. 5 boxes in all. We shouldn’t laugh, though: it takes a long time and a lot of hard work to get so many misspellings into one magazine. See you in August, Pi, when you finally get a chance to review the Winter Arts Ball.