This man’s reaction to getting pranked was absolutely priceless!

When local man Nick Fields was pranked on Saturday, his reaction was just utterly priceless. Paul O’Hara, the prankster in question, did not expect such a priceless reaction.

“When I pranked him, I just didn’t expect him to react in that way. Utterly priceless!”

Even Fields himself wasn’t sure what was to ensue: “I think what was so priceless about it was the juxtaposition of my reaction and the nature of the prank,” Fields said. “No one saw that coming. Not even me.”

The police are looking into how someone could have reacted to a prank of that calibre in such an invaluable manner but have come up with no leads as of yet.

“We’re looking into it, but unfortunately we have come up with no leads as of yet,” the police said.

Nick Bait