Only 22% of UCL’s Highest Earners Are Women

“UCL was the first university in the UK to admit women” – surely this has been forced down every fresher’s throat by now? What they don’t put in the brochure, and what The Cheese Grater can exclusively reveal is the massive gender pay gap in salaries for UCL’s highest earners.

196 staff members at UCL earn over £140,000 a year, which is over double the number of people who earn the equivalent amount at King’s College London. Of these UCL fat cats (pictured below), only 44 are women.

And we thought it was just the BBC who had this problem! Let’s hope the similarities in scandals end there.

This issue at UCL is unsurprisingly not isolated to its highest earners. Last year The Cheese Grater revealed that female post graduate teaching assistants earned on average 22 percent less than their male counterparts.

Justine Canady, the Union’s Women’s Officer makes a similar point saying “I’m more interested in closing the gender pay gap by raising the wages of the hyper-exploited teaching assistants, cleaners and caterers who are disproportionately women, than I am in adding more women to the ranks of our overpaid bosses.”

UCL acknowledged the problem and emphasised the number of female career progression programmes they have in place, and noted that this issue was endemic in all of higher education. They also highlighted that the “proportion of women in UCL’s senior grades 9 and 10 (which equates to roughly earning £55,000 or more) has risen steadily for the past four years, from 31 percent in 2012 to 35.7 percent in October 2016.”

Not long left gals xx