Is it really all over for Men’s Rugby?

Can it be true? UCL Men’s Rugby, long the bête noire of your fair columnist, has been disaffiliated from the Union. In June, the club was caught chanting racist songs on the Loop bus, and given one last chance. Last week, the lads tried to organise an initiation for freshers (allegedly forced by the knuckle-dragging poshos on the committee to shave their pubic hair and sign a non-disclosure agreement). But before it was due to happen, one brave first year whistleblower realised this was A) very stupid and B) very not allowed, and tipped off the Union. Soc Bitch hears the club are preparing an appeal to the Union’s board of trustees. Maybe we haven’t heard the last of the home counties’ favourite sons…

Long-time readers of this venerable rag will be familiar with our beloved mascot, William (formerly Billy) Fresher. Over the last few years we’ve followed young Billy from mishap to mishap. He’s practically family. Naturally, then, Soc Bitch’s ears pricked up upon catching wind of a ‘satirical’ piece posted online by Pi Media, titled ‘Billy the Fresher Becomes a Marxist’. After taking a moment to appreciate that someone thinks highly enough of our humble magazine to plagiarise us, she passionately implored Pi to actually come up with some original material. We live in hope.

This article appeared in CG Issue 64.