RUMS Boat Club does not have a problem with drinking and sexual harassment

A grey and white bird stands on the shoreline of a beach with its head buried in the sand.

Soc Bitch takes seriously her solemn responsibility to highlight the stupid, sexist, and unsavoury. Thus, it is with teary eyes that this month she can celebrate a selfless example of civic duty…

A vote of thanks is in order for the medical school PGTA who warned the innocent freshers joining RUMS Boat Club to avoid getting drunk around the men on the team. Soc Bitch wouldn’t like to speculate as to why such a warning might be necessary.

Still, allusions to sexual assault must have been obvious, for, mere moments later, the speaker was reprimanded by a senior faculty member for besmirching the venerable name of RUMS rowers.

Why bother trying to change the ways of those who might fancy a spot of assault when we can all just drink less? HOW DARE he try and protect freshers when there are more important things to think about, like dallying about on a river in the freezing cold?

Image credit: Korall, 2010. 

This article appeared in CG Issue 63.