Variety being the spice of life, Soc Bitch has this month directed her withering gaze towards the strike-related drama on the UCU picket lines. (Men’s Rugby best not get too comfy, though — we’ll get back to you soon x)

It is with a heavy heart that Strike Bitch must announce that the scabs are at it again. Her tender leftie sensibilities were bruised by the scenes outside UCL SSEES, as the department’s UCLove heartthrob Hungarophone was spotted urging students to cross the picket line, where his colleagues languished in the cold. He agitated an innocent history student passing by to enter the 16 Taviton St. building, but she, as uninterested in being a blackleg as she was in Stalin’s agricultural reforms, continued on her way.

Meanwhile just next door at the Anthropology department, the best of intentions were confounded by the cruel hand of logistics. A teach-out given by a striking lecturer on egalitarianism and mobility was held with its step-free access blocked. The irony wasn’t lost on anyone — not least the wheelchair user who tried to attend.

Solidarity forever.