Update On THAT Netball-Rugby Social

Soc Bitch’s most fevered groupies may recall earlier this week her article posted online about a planned joint social between UCL Netball and Men’s Rugby. The event was to be a memorial to the recently deceased Hugh Hefner, he of the soft pornography empire.

On Tuesday, the Netball social sec announced a change to the dress code; women were no longer instructed to dress as “playboy bunnies” but instead rock up in their pyjamas. Thankfully, she reassured her team mates that there would soon be another opportunity to celebrate “friendship and female equality” with Men’s Rugby, they of the radical feminist dialectics.

Who says this column doesn’t change the world? Just call me Woodward and/or Bernstein.

It all went down for our friends at the venerable Comedy Club two weeks ago when a stand-up at their Freshers’ Variety Show made a joke many saw as racist. Not willing to relitigate Thursday’s omnishambles, Soc Bitch won’t repeat it here and risk alienating her large readership.

In disarray, the committee scrambled to make a statement, distancing themselves from the whole debacle, and the edgy wannabe comic. Let this be a warning to any Freshers who think they’re funny.

This article was published in CG Issue 58.