Grater Expectations, the intersectional feminist zine from The Cheese Grater.

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A Mully’s Love Story xoxo

I woke up one wasted Saturday afternoon, in my freshers flat. The city wore out its mid-November lull and the days had been greyer than usual, colder than normal, and dreary as always. But, amidst this perpetual damp of existence and rising prices of a decent pint, there was one tinkling star— an institution— a …

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Why men love me

I am 5’2, petite & super easy to pick up I am skinny (but I have a fat ass) I am blonde (obviously fake- but they don’t need to know that) I wear cute girly thrifted y2k clothes: always on trend, who cares about personal style lol?  I have no piercings that they can see …

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7 pains

It started with your mother, The rough move that spilled you inside of her. The oxytocin that purged you from her velvet. It moved on to the blood running down your legs, As tears streamed down your face. The salt and iron reminded you of pennies And you wondered at the dismissiveness. Sooner or later, …

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Artist Spotlight: Elly Smallwood

Elly Smallwood is a Canadian artist, whose paintings focus on issues surrounding female sexuality, LGBTQ sex, fetishes, and related material. Her work has distinctly feminist undertones, as it often protests dominant, and inherently male, perceptions of female sexuality. From observing Smallwood’s work, I can see that she has developed upon the foundations of what could …

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When a man writes a woman….

Clara sat alone. Her husband had left her, and with his disappearance, the house felt decrepit. She was thinking about her peculiar situation. Upon being abandoned by her husband, she had suddenly become a witch. Yet Clara felt like something was missing. She realised that by gaining her independence, she had lost her true power: …

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Hubble Bubble, we’re in trouble: the modern witch trials

The Witch Trials form a terrifying history. The truly glaring and horrifying mass hysteria and killings of accused witches began in the late 1500s after witchcraft was made illegal in 1542. Around 200,000 individuals were executed for witchcraft. The most infamous witch trials plagued Salem village in New England between 1692-1693. 19 people were hanged …

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From the barn behind his house I watched him talking with his wife in their kitchen, and the light from the candles gripped to him as he laid both hands flat on the table and bent his head and spoke, and the yellow light slid onto her as she went to him and grasped him, …

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Feminism: A post-match interview

Interviewer: Jordan, there have been a few tears obviously, but how do you sum it up in the end? Jordan: [less intelligibly than suggested here] It was an experience for us, and the one we wanted to win…and sometimes it might be it could go one or t’other way, and we went ahead too early, …

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