Teenager X

Teenager X, as written for an American high-school themed TV show by a fully grown adult (sample script) “HEY! You wanna go to a fucking party???” “I’m not very keen on parties. Besides, I have homework due tomorrow”, replies the one-dimensional protagonist who just moved schools. “Homework?”, *Teenager X* responds perplexedly. “I haven’t done any …

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‘If’ – by Rudyard Kipling Stanley Johnson If you can lose your head when all about you Are keeping theirs and not blaming you, If you will trust no one, except Cummings, And subjugate all who vote against you If you can hate and not tire of hating; Not lied about, yet the purveyor of …

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A very patriotic Valentine’s Day to you all

President Donald Trump’s latest executive order has declared February 14th as National Patriotic 10s Day. “To make America great again, America must celebrate the best of what makes America great: 10s; beautiful women. Tremendous,” the written order states. The executive order will “revitalise the American economy” by decreasing seasonal imports on foreign Chinese goods, such …

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