Soc Bitch

Society Bitch

Soc Bitch as she is affectionately known among the self-identified BNOCs and trend setters of UCL is perhaps this university’s most beloved student-hack.

Her column on all Union-related shenanigans appears in every issue of The Cheese Grater.

Got gossip? All tip-offs will be treated in the strictest confidence and fact checked. Soc Bitch doesn’t need a lawsuit on her hands.

Soc Bitch: Issue 57, Spring 2017

Society Bitch must begin with a rare apology this week. Contrary to the last column, we have been told – repeatedly, neurotically – that Pi Media actually produced three magazines this year, not one. I only mention this so as to not distract from a juicier story: The President of Pi has gone completely AWOL. …

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Soc Bitch: Issue 56, Spring 2017

After spending all of Dry January craving a drink, Society Bitch was devastated to learn that Culture Club seem to have forgotten all about their promised Winter Arts Ball. Administrative fumbling saw the date for the ball moved from December to January, but now that February is well underway Soc Bitch is beginning to wonder …

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Soc Bitch: Issue 55, Winter 2016

Society Bitch has learnt that despite organising both the Winter Arts Festival AND the Variety Night, Drama Society couldn’t find a single act worthy of entertaining its legions of fans. Instead, the poor audience had to put up with performances from that very worst of sketch groups, The UCL Graters. Far from a one off, it seems …

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Soc Bitch: Issue 54, Autumn 2016

Society Bitch suffered unprecedented heartbreak this week when it emerged that her beloved Cheese Grater Society had been infiltrated by a journalistic mole. After taking a moment to appreciate that someone thinks us interesting enough to infiltrate, the society evicted the mole from future meetings and banished her to the gulags of barren Tab-eria. The real …

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