Soc Bitch

Society Bitch

Soc Bitch as she is affectionately known among the self-identified BNOCs and trend setters of UCL is perhaps this university’s most beloved student-hack.

Her column on all Union-related shenanigans appears in every issue of The Cheese Grater.

Got gossip? All tip-offs will be treated in the strictest confidence and fact checked. Soc Bitch doesn’t need a lawsuit on her hands.

Soc Bitch: Brexit Edition

What with this being a Brexit issue and all, you may have made the oh so-rash assumption that Soc Bitch would be taking a break from her almighty reign of terror, but alas you were wrong.

UCL Drama Soc brings Christmas (very) early

As UCL’s lesser fictional gossip-mongers are shutting up shop for Christmas merriment, Soc Bitch works late into the night to bring you great tidings of joyous fuckup in UCL Drama Society… Drama Soc’s righteously popular New Writing Festival, you have surely noticed, has not materialised this term. Like many others, Soc Bitch had been counting …

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RUMS elders pass on their knowledge

Soc Bitch has awakened from her summer long daze, ready to share the most exciting of UCL’s intrigue and corridor whispers, this time from the lofty halls of Cruciform. Where the NHS’s finest future recruits found themselves in a pickle earlier this year, as they tried to outwit the medical school’s examination system by applying …

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AGMs in “the worst” shocker

It’s AGM season which means it’s time to make fun of jumped-up students who act like they’re hiring an international executive, not electing someone to run pub crawls. Soc Bitch understands that the Union has pulled up several societies this year for undemocratic practices. Chinese Society must re-run its AGM after it made candidates submit …

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And all that jazz

This month, Soc Bitch was distraught to learn of an attempt to trample on CG’s turf. In January, a group of students submitted a request to the Union to affiliate a new magazine. They proposed to ‘document, through satire, the current issues and events facing UCL students.’ This, they claimed, ‘is not currently catered for …

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Men’s Rugby has been disaffiliated

It is with no small amount of schadenfreude that Soc Bitch can announce that UCL Men’s Rugby has been disaffiliated from Students’ Union UCL. It’s been a trying year for our purple-bleeding lads. After their memorial for feminist icon Hugh Hefner was cancelled, and their Very Respectful attempts at cultural diplomacy went awry, the club …

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The show is over for Magic Society

UCL Magic Society has been disaffiliated from the union after a failure to conjure up enough card-carrying members spelled disaster for the group. The unfortunate illusionists had no ace up their sleeve after falling short of the necessary 30 members, and were informed over reading week by union staff that their affiliation had disappeared in …

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