Soc Bitch

Society Bitch

Soc Bitch as she is affectionately known among the self-identified BNOCs and trend setters of UCL is perhaps this university’s most beloved student-hack.

Her column on all Union-related shenanigans appears in every issue of The Cheese Grater.

Got gossip? All tip-offs will be treated in the strictest confidence and fact checked. Soc Bitch doesn’t need a lawsuit on her hands.

What is it with all you horny, deviant sex pests?

Welcome to all of you enthusiastic freshers and commiserations to the depressed second and third years. It’s time for freshers’ flu, STI’s, and fake friendships. Speaking of the flu and STI’s, apparently UCL Men’s Rugby held a social last year alongside the netball team (invite only of course) centered around speed dating. Now let your …

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Festive Goss

Whack on your sexy Santa hat, snuggle up to the warmth of EFS in flames, and immerse yourself in some festive goss.


Soc Bitch is in the foulest of moods, and it’s not just because she couldn’t book Mully’s for her annual Christmas gin-shindig. Unless you’ve been living under a UCLove-less rock, you’ll be no stranger to the claims made against Economics & Finance Society (EFS) in recent weeks – claims which Soc Bitch has so far …

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Soc Bitch: Freshers Edition

Well, well, well, if it isn’t your favourite drama queen back on campus. Unfortunately, I’ll also be joined by two years’ worth of freshers, but I suppose it’s within their right to go to the Ministry of Sound and get an STI. Speaking of STIs, UCL Men’s Rugby are reportedly back after several years in …

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