Tilly’s Diary

Izzie Moull

Dear Diary,

I told you back in September that I was quite shocked that only 3 of the 5 of my flatmates had gone to private school. But daddy is always going on about how refreshing it is to live amongst those less fortunate than us and I thought I’d give it a try. But he always described it like my volunteering at that orphanage in Africa I did on my Gap Year! THIS IS NOT THAT!

It’s all been such a shock, but I just literally cannot believe how often they cook! It’s at least twice a day! There is a plate from this afternoon in the sink and two pots on the draining board, like are they animals or something?!?!?! And its everyday too! Sure, the arrangement of the plates change but there’s always something there! PLUS, the fridge is full of these little boxes with the food they made yesterday in, it’s seriously disgusting!

I just don’t get why they’re cooking so much? Like why aren’t they just eating out like I am? I’ve tried encouraging them to do it more, but they just glared at me and said “Tilly not everyone can afford that” in a really HORRID way. Is this like some cultural thing that I don’t get? I really think that daddy should have let me put a higher budget on the accommodation form like I asked for! UGH! I hate him sometimes!! Like I’m literally at my breaking point!! I can’t deal with this anymore!! Minty lives in Gardens so I might go stay with her for a bit ANYTHING to get out of here!!!

XOXO Tilly