All I Wanted Was Some Pesto: The Annual Student Migration Takes Its Toll

Izzie Moull

Move in weekend here in London has clearly exacerbated the already delicate situation that Lidl experiences on a Sunday morning driving it to breaking point. Although Local communities had already urged their residents to avoid the area after days of increased pressure and tensions in the aisles many seemed to not take heed to the warnings issued causing mass overcrowding and forcing the store to declare a state of emergency this Sunday afternoon.

One warning issued by SUUCL commented on “potentially dangerous overcrowding” and “low stock potentially sparking hostilities in the aisles”. This certainly proved to be the case for many as Harriet Hurll told our on the scene correspondent.

“They all arrived at once, the security guards couldn’t cope. I saw a middle-aged woman beaten over the head with a basket by a fresher over the last pack of AA batteries. Someone tried to separate them but then they both turned on him. At one point someone came over the tannoy declaring ‘Every Man for Himself’. At least that’s what I think they were saying. It was quite difficult to hear over all the screaming…”

This extreme situation is still understood to be ongoing and has the potential to last well into freshers’ week as more students arrive into the area. The Met are warning those in the area to proceed with their weekly shop with extreme caution and to consider alternatives where possible.