Congrats on becoming a dad Michael Cera ❤️

I won’t be the first to say that Michael Cera is hugely underrated. It’s true that he has somewhat of a mini cult following in some circles of the interwebs, but I believe that he should be at the same heights as Marlon Brando and Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel spiritually connected to him for very logical reasons: he has the same birthday as me and was born twelve years earlier (aka a full zodiac cycle in traditional Eastern beliefs), which technically means we are soul sisters. And what kind of soul sister doesn’t get a sister shoutout?

Anyway, I thought M.C. would deserve a piece especially dedicated to congratulating him on his new baby – who I assume was birthed by his significant other, but I wouldn’t be surprised either if he himself had the power of childbirth. What a man, what a myth, what a legend of utmost Cerabrity status (yes, I also think he deserves his own celebrity classification – above the A-List, obviously)


This piece appeared in CG Issue 82