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Hundreds of people make butter on toast every day. Who doesn’t love easy, cheap, nutritionally worthless, comfort food? 

When I was all but a sperm cell in my father’s balls, I first eavesdropped on a conversation between my parents. I distinctly remember one of them saying: “I really love this butter on toast.” 

At this point, I must also express my deepest gratitude to my grandma for giving me this recipe after I had begged her threatened to put her in a state-funded retirement home if she continued to refuse for it . Thanks Nana! 

Truly, this snack has been a companion through my fondest memories – my first day of school, my marriage and the passing of my pet hamster due to inter-hamster-cannibalism. During my days at university, I have never considered butter on toast to be a struggle meal. To me, it is a luxurious symbiosis between saturated fats and carbs. 

But what makes this butter on toast so delectable? The beauty in this recipe lies in its simplicity. It has all the hallmarks of classic butter on toast – it’s savoury, moist, and you can never predict if the toast will be as white as a cheese and wine social or, burnt to a charcoal crisp because you can’t look inside of your electric toaster (how inconvenient!). If you want to get a little crazy, you can hit it with a pinch of salt. 

What’s also amazing about this recipe is that you can freeze and store it for up to a month!


  • Butter
  • Toast 
  • Salt (optional) 


  1. Apply thin layer of butter on toast


This piece appeared in CG Issue 81