Crisis on the Central Line

Amidst ongoing problems in the city’s transport network, worrying reports have emerged of multiple gates being broken at Aldgate tube station in the City of London.

One elderly man stated that he was forced to jump over the gates with the help of strangers, after his ticket was repeatedly rejected. Others have been crawling under the gates, or even trying to kick them open. However, the gates remain firmly jammed. Transport for London has apologised for the inconvenience caused, explaining that the situation has likely arisen due to a technological failure. TFL staff at Aldgate have been unable to reopen the gates and have ordered several mini-ladders from Amazon so that tube passengers could climb over them instead.

Allen, who works at the station, commented: ‘We’ve had problems with the ticket gates before, but this is the worst it’s been in ages. Really, the situation can only be described as Aldgate Gates-Gate.’

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