Count Your Blessings

That One Annoying Guy at The Front of The Lecture Hall Is Struggling to Convey Just How Much He Knows Over Zoom

The situation this year has put stress on all of us, in every facet of our lives. Yet few have found the change in lecturing format more emotionally taxing than that guy who sat in the front pretending he knew as much as the lecturer. He can no longer show you that he’s clearly not paying attention to what the lecturer is saying, and it’s proving a heavy burden to bear.

While you may be thinking ‘God, I’m 5 weeks behind already, how in bloody hell am I going to get all this coursework in on time?’, I’d recommend you count your blessings. That guy has already had resort to typing paragraphs in the chat about how his work placement taught him something that is barely even tangential to the lecture, and he’s even having to ask questions that have already been answered five minutes previously.

So, while you are sitting there thinking about your ‘struggles’, just remember there are some that have it much, much worse.

And yes, we all noticed the influence of Freud in that novel, Stephan.

This appeared in Issue 74