Cling Film Life Hacks

This simple trick with cling film will change your life

I’m sure you are all familiar with cling film. You probably have some in your kitchen. Maybe you’re wrapping up some fruits and breads right now.

However, you may not be aware of some of cling film’s unique applications:

  • Did Janet laugh too hard at her own joke and spill that glass of red wine on your precious white cushion? Just wrap it in cling film and watch the stains fade instantly.
  • Having problems with your Wi-Fi? Look no further! Simply wrap your router in cling film and watch your phone signal double.
  • Rid yourself of that nasty cold in record time! How? Take five to seven sheets of cling film and wrap them around your feet each morning. After two to four weeks, you will notice the difference already! (If you notice no difference please consult a medical consultant)

How amazing, you say. You’re blown away. You think how you have not fully appreciated cling film up until now. You want to know where you can get your hands on some. And quickly!

Well for only £12.99 – that’s right £12.99! – you can get four sheets of cling film TODAY.

Hear from Linda from Coventry who said: “I used to use cling film just to wrap up fruits and breads. Now I use it for everything! I can finally walk again.” *

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And you may be wondering how we can say that our sale is only on for ten minutes considering this is in a magazine. Well, we’re watching you. That’s right. We know that you’ve stopped buying cling film. You’ve started putting leftover pasta in tupperware containers. Well how can you turn down these ENDLESS uses for cling film? That’s right. YOU CAN’T. Fulfill all your cling film dreams for just £6.99 only if you buy now! Just click the link below:


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*Reviews may or may not be sourced from a vivid dream I had

** ‘Now’ is an abstract term, and in this case means one to twelve weeks, depending on your chosen shipping option.