Soc Bitch: Brexit Edition

What with this being a Brexit issue and all, you may have made the oh so-rash assumption that Soc Bitch would be taking a break from her almighty reign of terror, but alas you were wrong.

Soc Bitch is back and with more baseless slander than ever before as we play wHIcH SuUCl clUbS AnD SOCieTieS SeeM LiKE ThEY VOtEd FoR BrEXiT mAyBE?!

1) Men’s Rubgy. I mean, obviously. Much like UKIP, they’ve fallen from relevance in recent years, but they’re definitely still probably entirely mostly to blame for this, as well as all other world ills.

2) UCL Bellringing Circle. Brexit was in fact initiated by the bellend enthusiast community, knowing full well that an act of stupidly patriotic national sabotage spearheaded by the UK’s gentle sleepwalk into populism would be the only chance they would get to hear Big Ben’s bongs once more.

3) UCL Lib Dems. Soc Bitch has long been suspicious of the LDs, and has heard entirely false information on a fictional grapevine that the society long-ago descended into a mere vehicle for kinky Brexit-fetishising fantasy role play.

4)UCL Estates. Not actually a society, but alongside Dyson and Wetherspoons, UCL Estates signed a letter to the government declaring that EU regulations on ‘keeping the doors to IOE open’ and ‘not being a dick’ were preventing them from operating at their most efficient. Good lord what fresh hell are we in for now.

5) The Cheese Grater Magazine Society. Yeah, that’s right. Surprise, bitch.