UCL medics glass attendees at debauched sports ball

It is with a heavy heart that Soc Bitch must announce that RUMS Sports Teams are at it again.

Pandemonium ensued at last night’s RUMS sports ball when partygoers were all evicted at 10pm.

During the classy £50-per-person dinner, members of the all-male rugby, hockey, and football clubs smashed wine glasses on people’s heads, and ripped a door off its hinges (ah yes, sportsmanship).

These are, for context, grown men who will in a few short years be working on hospital wards. I’m no expert, but I’m fairly certain physical violence does not constitute good medical practice. But I guess they’ve still got time to hone that bedside manner…

This is hardly an isolated incident. Some of the boys from RUMS Rugby and Football also engaged in totally harmless banter™ during previous MDs’ shows, heckling female performers about their weight (charming), and making jokes about rape (also charming). At the MDs’ Christmas show, they also crept behind the tech desk and tugged out wires at random, showing all the technical aptitude you would imagine for men who had just consumed their own volume in lager. But I’m certain we’ll be fine once they’re doing actual surgery.

It’s almost as if RUMS has an endemic problem with drunken loutishness and virulent misogyny…

Soc Bitch approached UCL RUMS Society for comment but they were having none of it.