And all that jazz

This month, Soc Bitch was distraught to learn of an attempt to trample on CG’s turf. In January, a group of students submitted a request to the Union to affiliate a new magazine. They proposed to ‘document, through satire, the current issues and events facing UCL students.’ This, they claimed, ‘is not currently catered for by any existing UCL publication.’ Draw blood, why don’t you? Unfortunately for the interlopers they were unsuccessful in getting union affiliation. Soc Bitch is relieved that CG remains top dog for now.

Elsewhere, Jazz Soc came unstuck after its Big Band conductor was forced to abdicate, following a bureaucratic omnishambles on the Union’s part. His replacement will mark the third figure in the space of a year to occupy this role, their initial bandleader having been let go under reportedly unsavoury circumstances that Soc Bitch is not at liberty to divulge. Oh, the scandal!

This article appeared in CG 65.