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Carpenters Residents’ Meeting Rejects UCL’s Campus Plans

For background see here.

At a packed meeting in Stratford on 24th September local residents aired their anger towards UCL and the prospect of home demolitions in the name of “regeneration”. The plans aren’t new; UCL announced its intention to “explore” building a new campus over the top of the Carpenters housing estate, population 1000, back in November 2011. Resident Mary Finch said to UCL’s Vice-Provost (Operations) Rex Knight: “I will fight you” which was followed by rapturous applause. Overall, the message was clear: residents in the meeting rejected UCL’s plans.

Asked if he understood the mood of the meeting, Andrew Grainger, Director of UCL Estates, said he did but said that residents would have to be consulted in “various ways”. Grainger added: “I understand that the residents on site are not interested... but change is gonna happen.” It appears UCL senior management will continue “consultation” until they get the answer they’re looking for. UCL’s campus plan will be submitted to Newham council on 25th October for the Mayor’s scrutiny. Campaign group Carpenters Against Re- generation Plans (CARP) intend to launch a publicity campaign against UCL in hope of frightening the college off.